April 2020

Open Letter to Members of the 85K Writing Challenge Community,

The 85K Writing Challenge began in January 2016 as a ninety-day writing challenge in a private Facebook group. By January 2017, it had grown into a website hosting a comprehensive 12-month writing system, complete with 90-Day Write, 60-Day Edit, 60-Day Prep, 60-Day Publish, and three 30-Day Finish cycles designed to guide writers from the first word to the first reader.

In addition to a calendar of focused content centered around the productivity cycles mentioned above, other features of the 85K90 system included accountability measures known as the "Monday and Friday Word Count Reports," which utilized BookStats—tracking software provided by our corporate sponsor, WriterStat.

The 85K Writing Challenge website at 85K90.com hosted a members-only forum, podcasts, genre tribes, accountability partners, the ability for members to create custom homepages within site, an internal email system, and blog posts written by valued contributors. On both Twitter and Facebook, throughout the year, a program of guided discussions fostered conversation for writers on the challenge.

Over the years, thousands of writers have passed through the challenge, making this community what it is today: a "Pencils ready? Let's do this thing" place to receive support, accountability, and quite a few high fives along the path toward writing a novel. New friendships formed and writers on the challenge wrote many books now enjoyed by readers.

None of the above would have been possible were it not for the generous contributions of a select few—writers who set aside time in their busy lives to contribute to this community. I am forever indebted and grateful.

After five years, amid a world at the center of a global pandemic, the time has come to take another important step in the 85K Writing Challenge story.

Goodbyes are hard, but I'm excited to announce the 85K Writing Challenge will take a new form under the umbrella of its corporate sponsor: WriterStat.

Launching in 2020 by WriterStat: the WriterStat Writing Challenge.

Designing the 85K Writing Challenge calendar, program, and platform, as well as growing the community with the help of many cherished friends who made tremendous, meaningful contributions over the years, has been an absolute joy and one of the greatest highlights of my personal and professional life.

I wish everyone the very best.

"Pencils ready? Let's do this thing."

Yours truly,
Julie Valerie

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WriterStat Writing Challenge

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